Sheduled events

Event list

The event list is the core of your screen playlist. It shows all of the events scheduled to display on your screen on each day. It can help to create a structure for the day as well as keep everyone on track.

Events can be scheduled to appear on one day only, on specific days of the week (eg every Monday and Wednesday) or for a block of days. You can set up events for a couple of weeks in advance or for a whole year.

To get started, select a date from the list and follow the instructions.

Hint If you don't see the day you want in the list, just change the start date for the list.

Event or routine?

Events happen on specific days and somtimes repeat on several days but not every day. Routines happen every day. Good examples of a routine would be a medication reminder or meal time alert. A carer visiting Monday to Friday is an event. A weekly visit to a day centre or a doctor's appointment are other examples of events.

Hint If you find yourself entering an event on every day at the same time (including weekends), it is probably better to list it as a routine.