Routine reminders

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Daily routines

This facility allows you to add reminders which will only appear at the appropriate time on the screen. They will pop to fill the screen at the time selected and will stay on the screen for duration specified (the number of minutes in brackets) on the list opposite. If you delet all of the routines from thislist, none will appear on the screen.

Event or routine?

Events happen on specific days and somtimes repeat on several days but not every day. Routines happen every day. Good examples of a routine would be a meal time alert or a reminder to take a nap. A carer visiting Monday to Friday is an event. A weekly visit to a day centre or a doctor's appointment are other examples of events.

Medication reminders

You can use this sercie to add a medication reminder to the screen. However, we do not recommend using it as the only reminder for medication unless you are sure that it won't be missed or cause confusion. May people have switched over to electronic dosette boxes where taking the right medication at excatly the right time is critical.


You can add an optional alarm to these routine reminders. The alarm will sound as 5 bleeps every 30 seconds that the routine reminder in on the screen. You can set up the optional alram on the home page.